Every Moment With You: Chapter Eighteen

Are you ready to meet Seth's ex-wife, Tessa? His new girlfriend Jade certainly wasn't prepared.

Find out what happened when Seth's past and present collided in chapter eighteen of EVERY MOMENT WITH YOU, live on

Every Moment With You: Chapter Sixteen, and new FREE LGBT romance I Want you To Want Me.

Hey all,

You might have noticed I haven't updated in a month. I got sick, and then I was in a bit of a funk, and took some time away from writing. I'm feeling much better now, and looking forwards to NaNoWriMo starting next week.

I'm here today with not only a new chapter of my age-gap romance EVERY MOMENT WITH YOU, but also with a FREE LGBT romance short-story, I WANT YOU TO WANT ME.

Chapter sixteen of my age-gap romance EVERY MOMENT WITH YOU now on

​Jocelyn Jones has never had a problem with roommate Hannah Avery’s sexuality. For Joss, a person is more than who they choose to sleep with.

But when Joss gets annoyed with the constant presence of Hannah’s on / off girlfriend Leanne at their house, her reaction makes her question just how open minded she really is.

The resulting argument drives a wedge between the best friends, and Joss confesses to work colleague Kerry that she’s lost without Hannah.

In a bid to build bridges, Joss agrees to hang out with Hannah and Leanne, but when she witnesses them kissing, her hostile feelings return. 

With them comes the realization she fancies Hannah, and now Joss must come to terms with her newly discovered sexuality, and what that means for her life.

But with conservative small-town parents, can Joss risk coming out and entering a relationship that could potentially ruin her two-year friendship with Hannah?

The decision is taken out of Joss’ hands when Leanne asks Hannah to move in with her. Now Joss either has to act on her feelings, or risk losing Hannah forever.

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I Literary Can't Even Podcast Launch

Today's the day! The first episode of the I Literary Can't Even Podcast is live on iTunes and Souncloud! 

Episode one live 09/08/17: 

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New Podcast I LITERARY CAN'T EVEN Launch September 8!

So, you might be wondering where this little project appeared from! Well, I Literary Can't Even... is the product of an overly busy mind, and hosted by three super cool, smart ladies! ;)

We plan to bring you all of the up to date news from the indie book world, plus author interviews, competitions, chats with other industry professionals, and the kind of banter that only comes from good friends.

We're new, we're a little unpolished, but we're excited, we have lots planned and we think you will enjoy taking this journey with us!

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Every Moment With You: Chapter Eleven

Back from vacation now - had a great time - and here again with a new chapter of my age-gap romance, EVERY MOMENT WITH YOU.
Chapter eleven is now live on